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Tyler Watkins
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Tyler Watkins Dream-punk for a vacant heart Favorite track: Ghost.
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killani64 I don't think I have to say too much about this record. When I'm sad, i listen to this and it makes me a little less sad for a while. The songs sound beautiful and sometimes that's all it takes. Favorite track: Baptized.
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released August 20, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Jon Paz.
Mastered by Paul Kimsal.
Produced by Sorrytown and Jon Paz.
Lyrics by Simeon Beardsley.
Music by Sorrytown.
Sonic Wizardry by the Wizard of Paz.

Sorrytown is James Atchison, Justin Ulibarri, Eric Edwards, Kelley Williams and Simeon Beardsley.



all rights reserved


Sorrytown Las Cruces, New Mexico

Desert boys.

Las Cruces, NM.

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Track Name: Baptized
Tasted so sweet being baptized while you weep,
But I'm haunted by bad dreams of a young boy with red teeth,
Wasted years on friendships that are now gone,
The mask that I tried on was heavy- it fell off.
Track Name: Let's Pretend
When you asked the final question,
What was it you needed me to say?
When you told me you were tired,
What should I have done to make you okay?

The silence wasn't what I wanted,
But the silence was what I would need,
To realize that circumstance can blind you,
Make you see things you don't want to see,
Make you believe things you should never believe.

I need you to hate the things that I make,
I need you to despise every line,
Tell all of your friends I'm your worst decision,
So I can pretend I feel the same,

I need you to hate the things that I make,
I need you to despise every line,
Tell all of your friends I'm your worst decision,
Tell all of your friends I'm the root of your pain.
Track Name: Ghost
I'll try to not feel anything,
Maybe one day I will succeed,
I'm laying low to not be seen,
Maybe one day I will succeed.
It's how it's been and it's how it'll always be,
I'll dissect these feelings for all eternity,
I'll dissect these feelings for all eternity.

Are you coming over again soon?
Prepare a blanket in the living room,
Turn on the tv try to hold you close,
Flipping channels with a ghost,
The day you left me ended quick,
Laid in bed to get over it,
The conversation made one thing clear,
You're better off away from here.
Track Name: Late Night
Late night calling up my friend,
Kelley I need to talk and then,
I'll hang up and pretend,
I'll pretend, pretend.
Like I'm feeling better miraculously,
The cloud I felt lifted suddenly,
And now I can see,
But I can't see anything at all.

Late night reflection in the mirror,
Staring at the scars on my face from my teenage years,
Crooked teeth soaked in cheap beer,
I'll pray a prayer that no one hears,

So just go, leave me alone,
I'll sleep better in an empty home,
So just leave, take all your things,
In search of something that isn't me,
Like my love don't mean a thing.